Tellthebell Survey (www.tellthebell.com): Take Taco Bell Survey offered by Taco Bell in order to win a marvelous crash prize of $500 after completion of Tell The Bell Survey at www.tellthebell.com.

The users will enter the weekly sweepstakes after completion of the Taco Bell Customer Feedback Survey and become qualified for winning astounding cash prizes worth $500.


If you are looking forward to participating in the Taco Tellthe bell Survey, this article provides a comprehensive guide to complete the Tellthe Bell Survey and win amazing prices.


Tellthebell Survey(tellthebell.com/)

Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey offers customers with a chance of providing feedback and recommendations about the quality of food, services, customer care center and other such components in addition to acquiring incredible cash rewards.

A weekly prize of $500 will be awarded to a lucky winner daily during the promotion period after completion of a brief survey and the winner will be selected from a pool of entries of the Tell thebell Customer Survey Sweepstakes.


The Taco Bell Survey has been specifically composed to obtain customer feedback and as a result, provide them with an enhanced and enriched eating experience.

The survey contains questions about:

  • Overall satisfaction with the most recent visit.
  • Quality of food.
  • Temperature and taste of food.
  • The accuracy of order.
  • The cleanliness and environment of the restaurant.
  • The friendliness of the staff.
Tellthebell Survey
Tellthebell Survey

Taco Bell Survey Rewards

Fifty-two prizes worth $500 each will be awarded to four winners per entry period after drawing from the entries of Tell The Bell Survey Sweepstakes.

Tellthebell Survey
Tellthebell Survey

Tell the bell Survey Rules

In order to be a part of Tellthe bell Customer Satisfaction Survey the following rules must be followed:


  • The Sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the 50 states of the United States of America and the District of Columbia.
  • The entrant must be 18 years old or older at time of entry.
  • Employees, officers and directors of The Taco Bell Corp. its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, and the immediate family members (spouses, siblings, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren and spouses of the foregoing, regardless of where they live) or members of the same households of such individuals are not eligible to participate in the sweepstakes.
  • No purchase is mandatory in order to participate in the sweepstakes.
  • The prize cannot be substituted, transferred or exchanged.
  • One prize is allowed per household in each entry period.
  • Regardless of the entry method, only a single entry is allowed by one person per entry period.
Tellthebell Survey
Tellthebell Survey

Taco Bell Survey Requirements


The requirements for Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey are listed below:

  • A laptop, computer or mobile device with a reliable internet connection.
  • Basic understanding of English or Spanish language.
  • A recent receipt from a visit to Taco Bell Restaurant.
  • You need to have to tell thebell survey code in order to access the online survey and be a part of the lucky draw.
Tellthebell Survey
Tellthebell Survey

Tellthe Bell Survey Entry Methods

The entry methods for being a part of the Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey available at www.tellthebell.com are mentioned below:

Enter Online

Users can be a part of the sweepstakes by completing the Tell the bell Taco Bell Survey available at www.tellthebell.com.The 16-digit access code provided on the receipt from Taco Bell is required in order to enter the survey and win an entry in the sweepstakes.

Enter By Mail-in

Users can also enter the sweepstakes with a chance of winning amazing cash prizes by sending hand printed details including name, age, complete address and phone number on 3*5 inch paper and send it to this Taco Bell address: Taco Bell Customer Survey Sweepstakes, P. O. Box 6047, and Dep’t. 39421, Douglas, AZ 85655.

Tellthebell Survey
Tellthebell Survey

Taco Bell Survey Entry Period

The entry period details of Tell thebell Survey are mentioned below:

  • Start Date: June 30, 2018.
  • End Date: June 29, 2019.

The drawing will be conducted in the first ten days of the next month and a random winner will be selected from all the sweepstakes entries.

How to take Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey available at https://tellthebell.com/?

The detailed guidelines for completion of TacoBell Customer Feedback Survey are given below so that users can follow these instructions and win amazing gifts.

Quick Guide for Taco Bell Satisfaction Survey

Tellthebell Survey
Tellthebell Survey


In order to share your valued feedback about Taco Bell Survey, You can Contact Us or mention it in the comments section below.

Step By Step Guide

The detailed stepwise guide for completion of the Tell the bell Customer Feedback survey is elaborated below:

  • In order to participate in the sweepstakes offered by Taco Bell, you need to visit your nearest branch of the Taco Bell Restaurants and get a receipt.
  • The receipt will contain the access code using which you can enter the online survey.
  • In order to access the Tell The Bell Survey visit: Tellthebell.
TacoBell Survey
TacoBell Survey
  • Then enter the 16-digit tell thebell survey code printed on the receipt. Click on Start to enter the survey.
  • If your receipt does not contain any 16-digit Taco Bell survey code visit this URL: tellthebell.com.
TacoBell Survey
TacoBell Survey
  • The user is then required to enter the 6-digit store number printed on the receipt as well as date and time at which the purchase was made.
TacoBell Survey
TacoBell Survey
  • Then the users will be asked for details regarding the purchase they made at Taco Bell Restaurant. Choose the appropriate answer and move on to the next question.
Tellthebell Survey
Tellthebell Survey
  • The users will be asked a number of questions regarding the quality of food, taste, and hotness of food and other factors such as hygiene and cleanliness of the restaurant, attitude of the staff, etc. Answer all these questions honestly and move on to the next page.
Tellthebell Survey
Tellthebell Survey
  • The user will also be inquired about whether their tacos looked exactly like they expected and was the size okay or not. Enter your response and proceed to the next page.
TacoBell Survey
TacoBell Survey
  • After completion of the Taco Bell Satisfaction Survey questions, the users will be asked whether they want to enter the monthly sweepstakes or not. Choose your preferred option and click on next.
TacoBell Survey
  • If you want to be a part of the Tellthebell Survey Sweepstakes then you will be asked t provide further details such as your first name, last name and personal phone number.
TacoBell Survey
  • After completion of the Tellthebell Customer Feedback Survey a Thank you page will appear and hence you have entered the sweepstakes with a chance of winning an astounding cash prize of $500.
  • Users can also enter the sweepstakes by mail-in entries or by phone. Simply you can call at the toll-free number provided on the receipt from Taco Bell. As a result, you will become eligible for participation after answering a few simple questions.
  • Through mail-in entries, you will simply hand write your name, age, address details etc and send it through a post to the official address specified by the organizers at Taco Bell.

Video Guide

About Taco Bell

Taco Bell is an American based chain of fast food restaurant which was founded on March 21, 1962, by Glen Bell. The headquarters of Taco Bell Inc. is located at 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine; California. Taco Bell has around 7000 location currently all across the United States of America and the number of employees working for Taco Bell Inc. is over 175,000. The famous menu items of Taco Bell include super tasty Tacos, burritos, and other Tex-Mex cuisine-related fast food items.

Tellthebell Survey
Tellthebell Survey


Contact Information

Tellthebell Survey
Tellthebell Survey

Tellthebell Winners

The previous winners of Taco Bell Customer Service Survey Sweepstakes are listed below:

  • Ulia C, OH – Entry Period 43
  • Jill H, NY – Entry Period 44
  • Sherrie W, NV – Entry Period 45
  • Debra K, OR – Entry Period 46
  • Randall R, IN – Entry Period 47
  • Kim M, MN – Entry Period 48
  • Atheshia H, VA – Entry Period 49
  • Emily S, OH – Entry Period 50

For the complete list of winners visit Tellthebell Winners.

In order to share your valued feedback about Taco Bell Survey, You can Contact Us or mention it in the comments section below.

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  1. My visit to the restaurant known as 034607 was a very good experience. While my experiences with fast food places are to an average rating of good to fair, this visit was rated higher, as I was satisfied with the services granted during the visit. I was quickly greeted and order taken by Ismarie F. She was thorough with her duties, and by the time she gave me my drink, the rest of my order was ready. Order was completed exactly as I ordered and it was fresh and tasty to my liking. While I dine in I observed a very clean restaurant, completing my satisfied feelings. I will recommend this restaurant to others, and as a local I will visit again soon. Thank you Ismarie F! Thank you TACO BELL!!

  2. I haveipt of 11- 8- 19 and the cut off on your website says 6-30-19 so why are you still asking customers to participate in the $500 dollars cash survey .

  3. Every time I go to your fast food restaurants my order is always wrong and it is always in your favor, like just happened at your taco bell restaurant 027325 why is all your food wraps up in the same label paper because every time I order a seven layer taco with another item i always get the lesser value item bean burito. This was the number on the receipt 3971-5123-1829-2409 keep the five hundred cash and train your employees. It will be a long time before I make a run for your border.

  4. Yeah, what about being asked to do the survey and your website said it expires on June, 2019 ???
    Should we do survey or not.

  5. Manager Stephanie @ the Taco Bell @4143 North 76 Street near Capitol Drive in Milwaukee, WI., Survey Code #1311-7114-1391-3025 Taco Bell store #031497 purchase dated 11/21/2019 @11:03:40 Am was extremely kind, courteous, professional, and handled my purchase with extreme personal attention & service virtually “unequaled” in other past pervious shopping experience at any/all Taco Bell Restaurants I have dined at nationwide. I’m going to leave this statement right here for all to see and witness as I have never even entered nor gone thru the drive-thru service at this location in my entire life. Jim Nadolski

  6. Taco bell 035449 1311 S State Highway 121 Business Lewisville Texas Caisher Tenyce took my ordered and got it right her tone was very nice and my order was fast and when I got to the window a great attitude and a friendly smile kudos to you and taco Bell

  7. I was just at Taco Bell Cortland, NY. Kevin requested that I fill out the survey for a chance at $500, his comment to me “3 people have won just from our store”. From the partial winner list I was able to see, that is a blatant lie. Also, someone should tell Kevin that it ended in June 2019. While we are on the subject of Kevin, I am not his hone or honey. I only have one honey and it is not Kevin at Taco Bell. This type of language is not appropriate for a counter person no matter what his intentions are. I have found that going in is better than the drive thru but will avoid The Bell if Kevin continues his “endearing” remarks.

  8. Your employee Mary S. at the Blue Ridge, GA (027308) location should be recognized for her positive attitude. This was not a one time occurrence it is every time I visit that location. If I owned a business in that area I would steal her from your store. Give her a raise!

  9. Your employee Dominic at store # 003865, 45201 Schoenherr, Utica, MI, 48315, should be commended for outstanding service, and a great attitude to the customers. He’s a great asset to Taco Bell, and would make a great Manager if he so desires.

  10. The New Taco Bell in Hampton Virginia on Mercury next to Lowe’s is awesome. Fast service and great portions. The new look of the restaurant is also refreshing. Thank you!

  11. i could not do the survey. Wanted you to know I visited the taco bell in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on 3039 Williams st and it was disgusting. I can’t believe you charge 2.39 for a chicken soft taco with maybe 4 little pieces of chicken on it a little lettuce and a little cheese. I could not believe it I would have said maybe 50cents. and then I also ordered cinnamon twists which I love but these tasted like the smell of old grease and no taste of sugar and cinnamon. I will never be back to that place again.

  12. I recently went to the Essexville, Mi location. Ordered 2crunchy tacos and am diet. Did not receive any hot sauce , and ordered a small pop and got charged for a large. Survey code 1212-2130-1131-2239. Why have the survey of ended in June?

  13. We were at store 032501 Maricela Was very kind to us and made sure that I got my two Chalupa’s because I was hungry for them and I had to wait for the fryer so while I was waiting she gave great Customer service. From the Swanson family

  14. brand new store rt 1 south Monmouth Junction, messed almost every item ordered, called number on receipt, no one picks up.. called many many times. very random proper order prep.

  15. Went to the Taco Bell on E main St. Indianapolis, IN where I met Wendy who was so nice and understandable. The workers also were nice and they delivered my food so quick. This is probably the best Taco Bell I have been to in a long time.

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